Tony Tebbe’s Predator University

Tony tebbe’s PREDATOR UNIVERSITY | Guided predator hunts and predator calling school in New Mexico and texas.

TT Custom Predator Calls

TT Custom Predator Calls are beautiful hand-crafted predator calls that are designed to last generations. Master call builder and professional predator caller, Tony Tebbe, builds each call one at a time and hand tunes them for sound perfection. "TT" calls are some of the most highly sought custom predator calls in the world. These Professional Grade calls have been sold in across the World in 48 States, 8 Countries, across 4 Continents.   You simply won’t find a better call.

Our custom predator calls have been setting the standard for sound and performance. Our open reed design has been perfected over the years to be the easiest and most realistic sounding in the world. You simply cannot overblow these calls. They will not 'lock up' under pressure, yet can be coaxed with the slightest breath of air.

All of our custom calls come with a lifetime warranty. Don't you think it's time to step up to a Professional Grade Predator Call?

See more pictures at our TT Custom Call Photo Gallery

Custom Distress Calls

Our custom distress calls are all built from cow horn for the best sound and a material that will last generations.  Each call is made one at a time, by hand and meticulously tuned to perfection.  No matter if you are looking for a snotty, gravely jackrabbit distress or a screaming high pitched cottontail. We can hit the pitches and realism you are looking for in our calls.   Our exclusive ergonomic toneboard design has been perfected over thousands of hours of calling in the field to achieve the ultimate in comfort and control.   Easy use, realistic sound, superior volume, and our signature “TT” call mark.  What more could you ask for?   Are you ready to step up to a Professional Grade call? 

Price: $75 + $3 Shipping in USA

Contact to order. Typical waiting list is 3-4 weeks.

Sound File Samples:
TT Cow Horn Tip Call 1
TT Cow Horn Tip Call 2
TT Cow Horn Tip Call 3

Custom Howlers

Our hand crafted horn howlers are second to none. Beauty, Form, and Function come together in each hand-crafted howler. Our solid one-piece designs are guaranteed for life and designed to last many generations. Only the best looking and best shaped horns are hand picked to become a "TT" howler. Smooth and realistic sounds, great volume, extremely easy to blow, and Ki-Yi distress that'll raise the hair on the back of your neck, and ergonomic toneboards for extreme comfort and control. You simply won't find a better howler.

Price: $150 + $8 Shipping in USA

Contact to order. Typical waiting list is 4-6 weeks.

Sound File Samples:
TT Cow Horn Howler 1
TT Cow Horn Howler 2
TT Cow Horn Howler 3

                  TT Production Calls

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